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For those looking to venture further afield than their own local waters, Doyle Sails has a range of sails that offer the ultimate in offshore performance cruising. These are fully customized with exceptional handwork, chafe protection and construction details needed to provide thousands of miles of ocean sailing.

Building sails that endure extensive cruising is only achieved through an uncompromising commitment to sail technology. This includes the proper load analysis, detail specifications, sail engineering, cloth selection, and superior craftsmanship. Taking into consideration all of these factors, and the owner's future plans, every sail at Doyle is individually designed to fit all of these requirements using our advanced CFD/FSI software. These designs are then laser cut ensuring that the purity of the computer design will be transferred to the actual sail.

Doyle Sails offers a range of sails to suit every offshore sailors' needs, whether upwind or downwind, using either traditional panelled or state-of-art membrane construction.


"The Doyle Structured Luff headsails have changed the upwind performance of Money Penny. I call them a flying jib as when the load goes to the forestay the luff actually projects to windward instead of sagging to leeward. A massive improvement for this yacht".

Sean Langman, RP65 Money Penny


Pioneers of Structured Luff Technology |

Doyle Sails with Structured Luff technology offer more versatility and changes the way a sail behaves through a more balanced distribution of loads.

Doyle Sails Structured Luff exploits the power-potential and control previously undiscovered in conventional sail luffs.

This leading-edge design philosophy is applicable for a wide range of sail materials and boat types, exclusive to Doyle Sails.

Left // Halbtrocken 4.5 - ORC World Champions 2021


What is Doyle Sails Structured Luff technology? Exclusive to Doyle Sails, Structured Luff technology is a different approach to upwind and downwind sail design with a special focus on the luff area of a sail. The superior design providing extended aerodynamic benefit, easier trimming and handling, and reduction in loading on the boat and rigging.

What types of sails can I get with a Structured Luff sail? Doyle Sails Structured Luff technology is available for Mainsails, Headsails, Staysails and all others.

How do Structured Luff sails work? This begins from the design, with the load share of the sail that is usually in the luff (or headstay) of the sail being redistributed through the rest of the sail evenly. This takes load of the luff of the sail, allowing the luff to fly 'freer' and often to windward. This enables more speed from greater projection. By incorporating Structured Luff technology these sails become more stable and efficient through a wider range of conditions.

Is there are difference between a Structured Luff Racing or Cruising sail? The theory is the same. With cruising sails, the focus remains solely on reducing the weight of the sail so that it takes less people to handle, while also reducing the need to constantly adjust the sail shape. Racing Structured Luff sails allow more control over the sails luff and shape than ever before. Also lighter and faster than any other sail on the market.

Which Structured Luff Sail is right for you? Structured Luff sails are exclusive to Doyle Sails and whether you are racing or cruising, each sail is custom designed and purpose built to suit your requirements.

Talking to Doyle Sails will ensure you get the perfect sail for your boat - your experts in sailing.

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