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Doyle Sails San Diego is a full-service loft specializing in both racing and cruising sails. We repair and service all brands of sails. Contact us for all your sail needs.


Doyle Sails San Diego is a full-service loft located at 2805 Canon Street, near Shelter Island in the Point Loma Community of San Diego. The San Diego loft is conveniently located near many yacht clubs and marinas for all your sail needs, including repairs and maintenance of all brands of sails.


The San Diego loft has a long history of sailmaking prior to joining Doyle in 2019. Originating as Offshore Sails in the 1970’s, the loft has changed hands over the years and was most recently purchased by Kathy O’Brien in 2007. Mat Bryant joined the loft in 2019 bringing 20 years of professional sailing experience to Doyle San Diego. The loft continues to provide sails and sail service to racers and cruisers in the Southern California community and beyond, as it has for over 50 years.

As a member of Doyle Sails International, Doyle San Diego has full access to the same technology that produces sails for many of the highest profile yachts around the world. Many of the highest-performing racing yachts, including the likes of Hugo Boss, Bella Mente, Proteus, Rio-100, Scallywag-100, Leopard 100, and Comanche to name a few, all use sails and membranes manufactured in our Auckland facility together with many of the most technologically advanced superyachts, such as Kokomo, M5, Perseus 3 and the Maltese Falcon, which were all projects that broke boundaries in engineering and problem solving.

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