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For those looking to venture further afield than their own local waters, Doyle Sails has a range of sails that offer the ultimate in offshore performance cruising. These are fully customized with exceptional handwork, chafe protection and construction details needed to provide thousands of miles of ocean sailing.

Building sails that endure extensive cruising is only achieved through an uncompromising commitment to sail technology. This includes the proper load analysis, detail specifications, sail engineering, cloth selection, and superior craftsmanship. Taking into consideration all of these factors, and the owner's future plans, every sail at Doyle is individually designed to fit all of these requirements using our advanced CFD/FSI software. These designs are then laser cut ensuring that the purity of the computer design will be transferred to the actual sail.

Doyle Sails offers a range of sails to suit every offshore sailor's needs, whether upwind or downwind, using either traditional panelled or state-of-art membrane construction.

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