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No matter the boat size, we'll help get you back on the water.

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W provide guidance to help you understand your sails.

We offer services for beginners, cruisers, and racers.


At Doyle Sails, we’re passionate about life after sales. Your sails are much like the engine in your car (or yacht!) – they need regular attention to keep them in good working order and to avoid major failures at unexpected times.

Our experienced Service, Cleaning and Repair team will provide you with top advice and service on all your sail maintenance needs. We pay close attention to your requirements and budget as well as providing a swift turnaround. Our staff is trained to identify common sail problems before they turn into expensive and inconvenient disasters, and like with most things on a boat, we recommend regular inspection at least once a year.

When repairs are needed, Doyle evaluates each job by examining the extent of the damage, the anticipated lifespan of the sail and the future plans of the sailor to make the most appropriate service recommendations and estimates before proceeding. Personal, professional service ensures our customers know what they’re paying for and what they’re getting every time.


Our team are experienced and competitive yachtsmen and women. We cover it all - from dinghies, to harbour and offshore cruising, to Grand Prix level racing and superyacht work. No job too small, or too large. We provide free, no-obligation assessments on your sails – we’re skilled at coming up with the best and most economical solutions.

From damage repair, to standard and preventative maintenance, through to performance recuts and alterations to ensure your race machine or cruising vessel sails are fully optimised at all times. We stock a full range of premium sail hardware, fittings, and battens from the world’s best suppliers.


Doyle Sails San Diego is a full-service sail loft for all your sailing needs. We have decades of experience in sailmaking and repairs, canvas repair, design, consulting, and coaching.

2102 Hancock Street Suite 207, San Diego, CA  |  Tel: +1 619 226 1133

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