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Service Needed

Any Brand. Any Sail.

Regular sail inspection is essential for maintaining sail performance and extending the lifespan of your equipment. 


An annual inspection helps catch small problems early, preventing them from turning into bigger and more expensive issues later.

Sail better by maintaining optimum sail performance 

Save money by extend the lifespan of your sails

Stay safe by reducing the chance of tears and disaster out at sea


Why Doyle

Doyle Sails San Diego has been providing premium sails and service to professional racers, day sailers, and dedicated cruisers for 40 years. 


• Onsite inspections (we come to you)

• Roughly 1 hour 

• Accurate, honest feedback & recommendations


We’ll inspect any sail, regardless of brand or sail type, and give you honest, insightful feedback about the condition, remaining lifespan, and recommended maintenance.

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