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The Doyle Cradle Cover was developed by Doyle Sails in response to the Mooring's desire for a StackPack that could be easily removed from the main. With a Cradle Cover, if the main needs repairs, a new main can be put on and the Cradle Cover can put back on.

Today's boats are more performance oriented with big mainsails and Doyle offers the perfect mainsail handling solution, the Cradle Cover. Drop your halyard, a quick zip, and you are finished for the day.

Even if you don't zip the Cradle Cover the sail is mostly covered and protected from the sun. Great peace of mind for those people who are unlikely to put on their sail cover when they stop for lunch at a quiet little anchorage. Reefing your sail is even easier as the excess sail cloth under the reef points is contained by the cover and there is no need for intermediate ties.


  • Sail cover with secured zipper tail

  • Subrella cover

  • Neatly flakes the sail above the boom

  • Reef lines pass through the sail cover

  • Cover does not attach to the sail

  • Brummel hooks are used to connect the lazy jacks

  • Existing mains can be used as a base sail

  • Easily raise, lower and cover your sail single-handed


  • Enables quick and easy covering of the sail without the need for sail ties

  • Extends the life of the sail. Wide selection of colors, Customizable with logo or text

  • Easy reefing with no need to tie sail to the boom

  • Can be put on an existing main without taking the main off the boat

  • Can be removed from the sail

  • Lazy jacks never need to be retied. Simplifies installation and removal

  • No need to replace your main to install a Cradle Cover

  • Take the hassle out of dousing your main and enjoy your boat more




Cradle cover is a fully battened system with lazy jacks that opens automatically. The cover and lazy jack system neatly flakes and holds the sail as it is lowered or reefed. The folds at the foot of a reefed mainsail also lie neatly in the Cradle Cover, eliminating the need to tie off the excess fabric with ties.


With the sail completely stowed, the Cradle Cover system presents a tidy appearance and protects the sail from harmful UV rays.

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