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With all of the recent development of asymmetrical spinnakers lately it's easy to forget Doyle's conventional symmetrical spinnakers. Building on past development with geodesic fairing, recent development have been accelerated by enhanced CFD software and analysis tools, resulting in even faster spinnakers.

Doyle's line of asymmetrical spinnakers is adding a new dimension to reaching and running. Covering the entire range from broad running to tight reaching, Doyle’s asymmetrical spinnakers allow you to realiSe the full downwind potential of your boat.


Designed in a CFD environment for optimal efficiency, and coupled with testing in the real world, Doyle’s Asymmetrical spinnakers maximiSe projected area, and utilise construction techniques that maximiSe the cloth’s strengths and ensure stable flying shape.



A lightweight VMG sail that can be used to sail lower wind angles. This sail is for those that require light weight sails to improve their boats’ downwind sailing.

Recommended True Wind Angle: 100 – 142 degrees

Recommended True Wind Speed: 5 – 11 knots



An all-purpose running sail that covers a large wind range. It has larger shoulders to allow the sail to fly away from the rig into the open wind where it is most useful.

Recommended True Wind Angle: 138 – 160 degrees

Recommended True Wind Speed: 11 – 20 knots



An all-purpose reaching sail that covers small wind ranges and angles. It is designed to sail closer to the wind and be a bit flatter in shape than the S2.

Recommended True Wind Angle: 125 – 138 degrees

Recommended True Wind Speed: 14 – 20 knots



A heavy running sail that is used in a higher wind range and sailing deeper angles. It is designed in a way that when running in heavy air, the sail remains stable.

Recommended True Wind Angle: 145 – 165 degrees


Recommended True Wind Speed: 20 – 30 knots



A heavy reaching sail that is used in a variety of wind ranges and designed to be carried at tighter angles as the wind increases.

Recommended True Wind Angle: 140 – 160 degrees

Recommended True Wind Speed: 20 – 30 knots

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