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For sailors who desire a blend of performance, durability and value, panelled sails in a radial construction make very cost efficient, high-performing sails.

Cruise laminates were designed for demanding offshore sailors - they combine technical efficiency, durability and easy handing.


While most yachts now prefer high modulus alternatives to panelled construction there are still many benefits to each.



Two layers of polyester taffeta are laminated on both sides of a film-encapsulated scrim which proved to have excellent warp stretch performance and great tear strength. The rugged taffetas covering the film and scrim are coated with a unique finish to improve UV resistance and to reduce the chances for mildew growth.

Available in various weights and is suitable for most mainsails and headsails.


Race laminate's continue the trend toward a more balanced base construction for warp orientated laminates. The Technora black scrims in this line are fill orientated for better luff to leech strength, critical in increased life for roller furling and overlapping headsails. The Technora black yarn also offers high flex and impact durability due to it's high tenacity. The black Aramid warp fibres provide load-line strength in tri-radial construction, and the black dye increases UV resistance over the life of the sail.

Targeted for the serous racer in boats up to 50' the race laminates line is a hybrid innovation that combines the best properties of similar fibres to create a long lasting fabric that will perform to the owner's expectations.

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