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Our superior engineered sails, designed by sail designers who understand how sails get used, offer a better, more durable sail.

Still considered some of the most durable and economical sails around, it is not surprising to see how many of our original Dacron sails are still going strong. Our superior engineered sails, designed by sail designers who understand how sails get used, offer a better, more durable sail. The Dacron sail is designed for the cruising sailor who truly values performance and durability, and is still custom designed by our in-house design team, and fitted to your exact boat.



A well-made cross-cut sail still represents the best value for many sailors. For cruising sailors who prioritise durability, it offers great value for money and a long service. Some of our customers are reporting that their sails are still going strong after 20 years of use. Also available in a radial construction.


Doyle Performacne Cruise sails provide rugged enhancements over Cruising sails including larger than standard patch sizing, additional flat tapes around the edges, wider seams with extra stitching, heavier duty hardware. Offshore cross-cut sails utilize the highest tenacity polyester fabrics with tight weaves to help maintain their shape longer. Also available in a radial construction.



DACRON: Polyester’s desirable properties include excellent resiliency, high abrasion resistance, high UV resistance, high flex strength and low cost. Low absorbency allows the fiber to dry quickly. Although polyester has been replaced by higher modulus fibers such as those used in the Doyle Stratis products, its proven durability and price point has seen it remain a popular cruising sailcloth fiber.

While Dacron has become a generic term to cover a wide range of materials, Doyle utilizes a variety of specialized cloths to suit individuals needs. Doyle's has a Dacron for every application from racing dinghies to large cruising yachts.


DACRON HYBRID: Dacron-Dyneema Hybrid is a more recent addition to the range of performance woven sailcloth. Designed with performance cruising yachts and long distance cruising in mind, the Dacron-Dyneema combo provides strength and durability in a woven fabric suited to radial sails. Due to the woven construction and the strength of Dyneema yarns, this Dacron Hybrid is resistant to damage due to wear and tear, as well as mildew build up.

HYDRANET: Hydranet boasts comfortable handling, higher flex stretch, increased anti-mildew resistance and better durability and is available in both crosscut and radial construction methods.


CROSSCUT: Hydranet is a tightly woven high tenacity fabric with a "net" of Ultra-PE for offshore cruisers. This special construction has been refined and developed using high performance looms to create a fabric that is unique in the sailcloth market.


RADIAL: With its special weave and finish Hydranet radial constructed sails feature unsurpassed strength and longevity, exceeding the specifications of other wovens and many laminates. Hydranet radial is constructed with an extremely high share of Ultra-PE fibers in the warp direction. Hydranet radial is an extremely tight weave achieving superior shape retention along with a soft hand. Design targets that were possible with laminates only can now be put into practice with Hydranet radial. The radial range of fabrics comprises several styles that can be combined for step-up construction.

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