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Sean Langman & Jim Cooney on Doyle Structured

Luff technology…

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Doyle Sails exclusive Structured Luff technology breaks the rules of conventional sailmaking and applies to almost every yacht.

Hear two of Australia’s most high profile yacht owners, Sean Langman and Jim Cooney describe the impact the of Structured Luff technology on their campaigns here:  

Whether you are racing, cruising or anything in between, the Structured Luff technology delivers less load and less weight in your sails, more performance and a sail that is easier to handle – increase your performance with measurable results. We’re leading the way in sailmaking, join us.

Sean Langman has done 29 Sydney to Hobart yacht races and is known as Australia’s most versatile sailor. He is the owner of Sydney based RP69 Money Penny. He counts himself lucky to have had the opportunity to spend the last few decades sailing all manner of different boats, from small gaff rigs to Supermaxis and Trimarans.

During the 2020 Hobart, the mini maxi overcame very light air to secure a spot within the top 10. This year, Sean took three new Structured Luff sails including a STRATIS J2 and J4 along with a furling jib top.

“The Doyle Structured Luff headsails will considerably change the upwind performance of Money Penny. I call them a flying jib as when the load goes to the forestay the jib actually projects to windward instead of sagging to leeward.

“Swept back spreaders and a dubious backstay set up that holds the top of the mast up, means that these Structured Luff headsails are a massive improvement for this yacht,” says Langman.

Doyle Sails Structured Luff technology is the most significant aero evolution in decades, offering unparalleled performance, exclusive to Doyle Sails.


Doyle Structured Luff sails apply to any yacht and ensure less load, less weight, more performance and easier handling systems – a real game-changer. The way that Doyle sails have changed conventional sailing has meant that the way yachts are now being designed and built to encompass this technology has in full flight.

At the heart of this development is changing how the load in the luff of a sail is distributed, and with the reduction of luff sag, the sail has more power to drive the boat forward.

The industry has called it the most significant aero evolution in decades.

Jim Cooney, owner of VO70 Willow, commented: “We have a complete new wardrobe on the boat, we’re delighted. We haven’t been able to use any in anger as yet, but we are very impressed so far. In particular our mainsail, it was perfect out of the box, it goes look great.


“Of course we also have the Doyle Structured Luff sails – I’m a huge fan of those. I saw them for the first time when I had Comanche, and they made a huge difference to that boat and our ability to get the most out of the sails at high angles. We’re sure we will get the same for Willow, so far so good.”


Doyle Sails is the sailmaker of choice to the world’s leading high-performance race yachts and sailors. Doyle Sails leads the way in sailmaking, join us.


Learn more about Structured Luff technology, here.


By sailors, for sailors.

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